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About Moldfactory

Founded in 2004, Moldfactory (Taicang) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech precision plastic mold making and injection molding provider in China invested by Singapore based CAD-IT Group. With about 170 staff, Moldfactory always focus on developing of automotive plastic mold, provide an integrated suite of service from mold design, mold making, injection molding, vacuum metallization to final assembly for automotive parts area, gain the valuable experience especially in developing field of automotive light mold. Our product already enters into the vehicle supporting system of GM, VW, Ford, Toyota Honda, Chrysler, Audi, Benz and etc.

Moldfactory has passed quality management system ISO9001 and ISOTS16949, employs more than 450 people, covers an area above 30000 square meters.

Our key to success is our highly skilled professional staff, our world-class precision machines, our application of simulation technology into our design and manufacturing process. High quality and innovation are our life.

Our Vision

To be the world-class engineering service center for automotive mold manufacturing by leveraging on state-of-the-art technology to deliver complete solutions.

Core Competence

By leveraging on advanced technologies, Moldfactory provide the value-added service at mold design, mold manufacturing and injection molding, “Do it right from the beginning”at the start of the product design. Strictly adhering to the feasibility pre-design of injection process and mold structure optimization, from attention to results, to control process, to achieve the process design standardization for plastic parts. Our major lines of products include automotive head lights, tail lights, interior components, fog lights, thick wall components, transparent parts, light guiding bars, rear view mirrors.

Mold Design

We have a professional engineering team for mold structure design, adhering to scientific mold manufacturing, give top priority to DFM design review, design standard, innovation and high quality requirement. Focusing on the automotive lights and interior mold developing, following the develop trend of automotive lights design, to formulate the classified mold design standard at the aspect of thick wall components, light guiding bars, bi-color bezels, bi-color lens, head light housing, light dimmer function parts.

Moldflow Analysis

Equipped with the advanced injection process analysis software Moldflow, we do optimization for every part and mold design. Based on the injection molding defects such as flow, cooling, deformation, shrinkage and stress, we can make the preventive strategy at the early stage, do multiple analysis through Moldflow, to maximize the injection molding window then make sure to produce the high quality parts with low cost.
We apply Moldflow into every stage of engineering process, including the early project review, DFM, mold design review and injection process optimization, to conclude the effective usage based on the process application.

Mold Machining

Equipped with high precision mold manufacturing machines and a skillful team, we use advanced fabricating machinery to make high precision injection mold, such as Japan Makino CNC machine, Italy FIDIA 5-axis machine center, Charmilles WEDM, Charmilles EDM.

Injection Molding

We have 60 injection machines all equipped with manipulators, various sizes from 30 tons to 1250 tons, various brands such as Germany Engle, Japan Toshiba, Taiwan Zhenxiong and Haitian, to realize automatic production.

Quality Management

Strict quality control to make sure all products meet the engineering standard requirement of customers. “QUALITY IS IN THE DETAILS”. Excellence in Quality is the hallmark of our business. Excellence is achieved through the innovation use of advanced technologies. Our employees are empowered to make decisions to ensure total customer satisfaction at every stage of the business process.

With the Company Spirit “We Ensure We Have The Leading Edge”, we will constantly strive for excellence in quality, especially in the mold manufacturing industries of automotive lamps, light guiding bars, thick wall components, transparent parts and bi-color parts.

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