Automotive High Braking Lamp Mold
High Brake Lamp Features and Development Trend
Automotive high brake Lamp is according to the state compulsory standard, light source transition from bulb source to LED source. As the products are required to have weather resistance, the material of housing parts is usually PP+13T+UV. The products also have optical and appearance requirement.

High Brake Lamp Mold
High brake lamp mold with one cavity, as the housing material normally PP+13T+UV, it is important to prevent stress marks from affecting the products appearance during the mold developing process. Products deformation should be controlled, or the gap will occur when matching with car body. Reflection patterns are machined by high speed CNC with one time processing, hand polishing is forbidden.

High Brake Lamp Exploded View

Common Materials:

6.1 Mold of High Brake Lamp Housing
Successful Case

Part Case:SGM-15 High Brake Lamp Rear Housing
Part Material:PP+13T
Mold Size:600mm×550mm×610mm
Part Size:178mm×297mm×70mm
Mold Weight:1.1Tons
Mold Features of High Brake Lamp Housing
Mold parting surface is complex, with one cavity, hot runner system with spreader plate, gating from the part side. Reliable cooling system design to avoid the products warpage and shrinkage. Use lifters to reach core-pulling.
Product Features of High Brake Lamp Housing
Material usually PP+13T or PC+ABS, texture is required and mounting angle on the back of the products. Thick wall design of the products is to avoid stress mark, usually between 3.0mm to 3.5mm. Uniform color on the part surface, without flash and stress marks.

6.2 Mold of High Brake Lamp Reflector
Successful Case

Part Case:SGM-15 Reflector
Part Material:PC
Mold Size:430mm×600mm×380mm
Part Size:35mm×236mm×57mm
Mold Weight:820KG
Mold Features of High Brake Lamp Reflector:
Reflector mold with two cavities. Reflection patterns required high precision machining by high speed CNC with one time processing. Hand polishing is forbidden. Mold usually with slider core-pulling on moving side.
Product Features of High Brake Lamp Reflector:
Material is usually PC, there is reflection bowl on the product, lace pattern on the bowl side wall, required to do aluminum plating. Products have the requirements of light distribution.

6.3 Mold of High Brake Lamp Lens
Successful Case

Part Case:SGM-15 Lens
Part Material:PC
Mold Size:400mm×350mm×335mm
Part Size:15mm×220mm×35mm
Mold Wight:310KG
Mold Features of High Brake Lamp Lens:
The moving side and the fixed side of lens mold have the requirements of mirror polishing, the snap joint of the product need to do inserts on the mold, for ease of dimension adjusting.
Product Features of High Brake Lamp Lens:
Material is usually PC, the color of product is often red and transparent. The snap joints are located around the products.

6.4 Mold of High Brake Lamp Socket
Successful Case

Part Case:SGM-15High Brake Lamp Socket
Part Material:PP+30T
Mold Size:400mm×400mm×325mm
Part Size:25mm×210mm×35mm
Mold Weight:305KG
Mold Features of High Brake Lamp Socket:
Lamp socket molds often with two cavities, the bulb mounting positions all have corresponding inserts on the mold, and the inserts are marked with lettering in order to avoid the fixed assembly when do mold maintenance. It belongs to the precision molds.
Product Features of High Brake Lamp Socket:
Material is usually PP+30T, the dimensions of bulb grooves with high requirements, all dimensions of bulb mounting positions to be the same.
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