Injection Molding

Our injection workshop is well equipped and covered 10,000 square meters, aimed at providing the services of injection molding, vacuum metallization, assembling and packaging.

● 63 injection machines from 30 tons to 1250 tons
● Has a maximum of 1250 tons
● 6 double-color injection machines
● Equipped with Engle、Toshiba injection machine
● All equipped with manipulators
● 24 hours production a day
● Equipped with specialized injection machine for transparent parts
● We have professional mold maintenance team to ensure the regular production

We provide high quality high precision injection molding, equipped with auxiliaries such as mold temperature controller, temperature control box and refrigerating machine. Our service including injection, aluminizing and assembling from the single mold tryout to complete plastic injection molding, from unicolor injection to double-color injection, our engineers and technicists use scientific injection molding process to ensure the stable production.

Providing different kinds of injection molding process service

We have a group of experienced process technicists, to provide all kinds of professional injection molding process service:

Conventional materials we often use

Structural parts:PP、PP+Talc、PP+Glass Fiber、ABS、PC+ABS
Functional parts:POM、PA6、PA66+30GF、PET

Our mold maintenance system

We have above 1000 units molds in regular production, all be properly maintained, marked and kept in specified warehouse. ERP management system make sure mold records including the basic information and maintenance record well kept. Effective management means is the guarantee for us to ensure regular supply.

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