Automotive Reading Lamp Mold
Reading Lamp Features and Development Trend
The light sources of automotive reading lamps are all LED sources. LED particles, spectacle case and shift knob of sunroof all located on the reading lamp housing, so it requires high accuracy of the products dimensions.

Reading Lamp Mold
Reading lamp normally with one cavity, it has requirement for the products dimensions and appearance, and has lot of inserts. Lens mold with fresnel pattern inserts, belongs to the precision molds.

Reading Lamp Exploded View

Common Materials:

4.1 Mold of Reading Lamp Housing
Successful Case

Part Case:IP21_MCE(Halogen) Reading Lamp Housing
Part Material:PC+ABS
Mold Size:574mm×560mm×591mm
Part Size:217mm×229mm×83.4mm
Mold Weight:1.2 Tons
Mold Features of Reading Lamp Housing:
Reading lamp housing mold with complex parting surface and many inserts, lots of kiss off positions and shut off positions. High precision machining for mold. Easy maintenance for mold need to be considered when mold design. Normally three plate mold with multiple gates, with many small core-pulling mechanism, only multiple parting could get the products.
Product Features of Reading Lamp Housing:
Material is PC+ABS, have requirement for products appearance and function. Some products also need local aluminum plating. With much dimension and little tolerance, the product structures required to meet the national regulations.

4. 2 Mold of Reading Lamp Lens
Successful Case

Part Case:AP11 Front Reading Lamp Lens
Part Case:PC
Mold Size:400mm×450mm×331mm
Part Size:171mm×107mm×16mm
Mold Weight:3.7 Tons
Mold Features of Reading Lamp Lens:
Reading lamp lens mold usually with Fresnel pattern inserts, the pattern machining according to products requirement. The corn pattern on the mold is machined by high speed CNC along the fixed direction with one time processing, products release use ejection blocks.
Products Features of Reading Lamp Lens:
Reading lamp lens material is normally PC, there are corn patterns and Fresnel patterns, light matching is required for the products.

4.3 Mold of Reading Lamp Buttons
Successful Case

Part Case:AP11 L&R Reading Lamp Buttons, Door Lamp Buttons
Part Material:PC+ABS
Mold Size:230mm×230mm×251mm
Part Size:16mm×43mm×17mm
Mold Weight:77KG
Mold Features of Reading Lamp Buttons:
As the small core puller on reading lamp mold, the insert machining precision is high, belongs to the precision mold. It should be confirmed before mold making if the gate mark will effect the part appearance and function.
Product Features of Reading Lamp Buttons:
Material normally PC+ABS or ASA, texture is often required, some products need to do after-treatment such as silk printing, it has strict requirements for angle dimensions.
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